Scope of Activities

 Activities of the Japan Society of Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine (JSPNM)

1. Objectives
This Society is aimed at maintaining and improving the level of care and research on fetuses/neonates and maternity/maternal body and nurturing researchers and healthcare professionals in these fields, with the ultimate goal of contributing to advances in national welfare and healthcare through provision of improved mother-child health and care and to improvements in the healthcare, research, education and clinical practice of physicians and other partners/members of the Society.
2. Scope of Activities 
(1) Activities related to professional meetings
(2) Publication of journals, papers, monographs, etc.
(3) Activities related to the systems on physicians specializing in perinatal care
(4) Education and cultivation of medical researchers and healthcare professionals for
     provision of specialized care to fetuses/neonates and mothers
(5) Research and investigation in the field of medicine pertaining to fetuses/neonates and mothers
(6) Communication and linkage with relevant organizations in Japan and overseas
(7) Supply of medical information and educational campaigns to the nation concerning fetuses/neonates and mothers
(8) Other activities needed to achieve the objectives of the Society